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The first ever community SPL token built on Solana

Fully distributed randomly (21M Max supply)

All SAIL token supply has been released for free to the community, instead of conducting an airdrop by releasing part of the supply and kept remaining for different purpose…


Trade $SAIL token

SAIL is available for trading on the following exchanges

Trade $GSAIL token

GSAIL is available for trading on the following exchanges

Liquidity and Farming

Earn while holding your Solana Sail tokens (SAIL and GSAIL)


SAIL and GSAIL are featured in the following wallets

Tokenomics & Airdrop

21 millions of SAIL tokens airdrop is now complete, but the SolanaSail ecosystem is a huge project. It will take time to build it but the challenge is really promising.



SAIL Tokens to be released

No more SAIL token minting will take place

gSAIL Airdrop Snapshot

July 1st 2021 8.00PMUTC

Track your SAIL and GSAIL tokens

Buy, sell, and track your Solana Sail tokens.
Track SAIL and GSAIL among Yield Farming and Liquidity Pool performance on Solana blockchain with Sonar. arrow
Check your SAIL and GSAIL in Apeboard, the Cross-chain DeFi Dashboard.
SAIL and GSAIL position tracking for DeFi power users, native to Solana
Get latest both SAIL and GSAIL price, real-time chart, volume, market cap, info, markets and more.

SolanaSail Ecosystem

SAIL will be the main utility token of a new ecosystem build on Solana. SAIL Staking to get $gSAIL will be available in Phase II.

gSAIL will be the SolanaSail ecosystem token on the 4 platforms, Governance, Vaults, DeFi and NFTs Marketplace. gSAIL staking feature will be available on Phase I. The community will be able to stake gSAIL and get gSAIL rewards.

gSAIL Airdrop Allocation

Airdrop Total 3,000,000 gSAIL tokens (July 1st 2021 8.00PMUTC)
*Dex Wallets excluded of snapshot

Project Roadmap

The Roadmap focuses on the development of the technology, operations infrastructure, new partnerships, and marketing initiatives.

Q2 2021

SolanaSail Ecosystem concept

SAIL Launched

Social Networks Launched (Twitter, Discord)

Website Launched

gSAIL tokenomics & gSAIL airdrop allocation published


SolanaSail Ecosystem Deployment. Phase 1

gSAIL Launch

gSAIL airdrop

Marketing/Partnership Phase 1

gSAIL Governance platform beta version


SolanaSail Ecosystem Deployment. Phase 2

Marketing/Partnership Phase 2

WebSummit 2021

SAIL Vault Platform beta version

gSAIL Governance Platform Mainnet


SolanaSail Ecosystem Deployment. Phase 3

Vault Platform Mainnet

Marketing/Partnership Phase 3

DeFi Platform beta version

SAIL Opensail NFT Marketplace beta version


SolanaSail Ecosystem Deployment. Phase 4

SAIL DeFi Platform beta mainnet

SAIL Opensail NFT Marketplace mainnet


A whole new token deployment approach

SAIL cannot be considered as a security. People are free to buy or sell on one of the best DEX  SolApeFinance, Fabric, Lana, Cato, Pigeon, Hams, Sonar and Dexlab.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about Sail or the ecosystem and airdrop related questions? We have got answers. Check it out!

What SPL stands for?

The Solana Program Library (SPL) is a collection of on-chain programs targeting the Sealevel parallel runtime. These programs are tested against Solana's implementation of Sealevel, solana-runtime, and deployed to its mainnet. As others implement Sealevel, Solana will graciously accept patches to ensure the programs here are portable across all implementations.

Do you have any bulk discounts?

Nope. 21 millions of SAIL tokens airdrop is now complete, but the Sail ecosystem is a huge project. It will take time to build it but the challenge is really promising.

When will your airdrop start?

Airdrop took place on May 2021 and fully distrubuted 21 millions of tokens (100% of the supply) randomly across the community. The team didn't keep nor receive any token.

What are the mint addresses of our tokens ?

SAIL mint address:

gSAIL v2 mint address: